How to connect your WooCommerce store to Mawloud?

In this article, you will learn how to connect your WooCommerce store to Mawloud, how to sync products, orders and also how to disconnect your live store from Mawloud if you wish to do so.

What is Live Connect?

'Live Connect' allows you the ability to connect to your store. Allowing you to manage your products and orders from within your own store. This also ensures that inventory, price, and product changes as well as order updates are kept in sync between your own store and the marketplace.


To connect your WooCommerce store through Live Connect you require Shop Domain, Consumer Secret & Consumer Key. To access this information, Navigate to your WooCommerce store.

Shop Domain

  1. The shop domain can be obtained from the shop URL on the address bar. https://<shop_domain>/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=shop_order
  2.  The part underlined in the example above is where the shop domain key will be located.
Consumer Secret & Consumer Key
    1. Navigate to your WooCommerce plugin.
    2. Click on Settings option in the drop down list.
    3. Click the Advanced tab option on the far right.
    4. Click on the REST API option.
    5. Below appears a button with Add key written on it.
    6. The above step prompts three text fields tagged as  DescriptionUser and Permissions.
    7. Description field intakes any custom name for the API key. User basically accepts one among all the Users created. Permissions is a selection between Read, Write and Read/Write permission. It would be preferred to have Read/Write selected while creating the key.
    8. Click on Generate Key button .This generates and displays Consumer key and Consumer secret which can be copied for further use.

                  HOW TO CONNECT SHOP

                  Live connect initializes when you connect your WooCommerce vendor Store through Mawloud. 

                  1. Login as a vendor on
                  2. Navigate to Add Products page which presents a multitude of options to add products.
                  3. Select the option that reads ‘Import products by connecting to a WooCommerce store’. Pre-check that this feature is enabled.  Upon selection of the above-mentioned option from the drop-down menu. Three text fields appear seeking Shop Domain, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret. All three fields are mandatory. 
                  4. Upon fulfilling the required fields, click on Connect in the bottom right corner.
                  5. A modal pops up displaying the Terms and Conditions. After a thorough read, scroll below to accept them by clicking on the check box and click on Continue to Vendor Live Connect.

                  Voila! You are connected to your WooCommerce store.🎊🎉

                  PRODUCT FLOW

                  Once live connected, products created on the vendor WooCommerce Store will sync to Mawloud's dashboard.

                  There are two ways this can happen (A Manual import or an auto import).

                  1. Manual Import
                  1. A live connected vendor is provided with an array of options to import products from the store.
                  • Clicking on the Import Products From your WooCommerce Store pulls all the products from their connected WooCommerce store to display them in a list fashion.
                    • A user can navigate to this list by either clicking on the button on the banner which says Click here to view Woocommerce Products. OR by clicking WooCommerce Store Products on the left widget.
                    • Once you have your list of products, products can be synced individually by clicking the Actions dropdown and then clicking sync.

                      2. Auto Sync of Products

                        1. All the products will get automatically synced to your vendor account if the Auto Add products feature (explained below) is enabled. 
                        2. Navigate to the Settings tab on Mawloud's dashboard. 
                        3. Click on the Show option on the Products card which displays an option of Live Inventory Update.
                        4. Clicking on it prompts a feature to enable auto sync of products to Mawloud's dashboard.
                        • If this feature is disabled, all the products created on vendor WooCommerce will not automatically sync into Mawloud. Products can be imported by using the Import Products From your WooCommerce Store button as explained above.
                        • If this feature is enabled, all the products created on your WooCommerce store will automatically sync into Mawloud.
                        • However, there is a caveat, with this feature disabled, the products which have been imported manually on Mawloud's dashboard will respond to updates and delete actions performed on them in the connected WooCommerce store.

                        1. ORDER FLOW

                          After the products are published to Mawloud's store, orders can be placed for those products belonging to the your WooCommerce store on Mawloud's store. These orders will sync between Mawloud's store and automatically to the connected WooCommerce Store. The orders can be fulfilled from Mawloud's vendor dashboard and corresponding status changes can be observed in your connected WooCommerce store. Alternatively, you can fulfil the order from your Live connected WooCommerce store directly and the status will get updated in Mawloud's as well.

                          HOW TO DISCONNECT THE SHOP

                          Finally, you can also disconnect the live connected store by following the steps below.

                          1. The user can navigate to the add Products page and select the option that says  ‘Import products by connecting to a WooCommerce store’. If you have a store connected then clicking on the Disconnect shop option opens a modal confirming the disconnection.
                          2. The second way to disconnect is by clicking on the Disconnect option on the action widget on the left. It too prompts a confirmation pop up upon clicking.


                          FOOD FOR THOUGHT

                          1. Products and Orders take some time to sync both ways. Please be patient.
                          2. Double-check your shop domain, consumer key, and consumer secret if you get an error while connecting your store.
                          3. Our store allows only three options in a variant so if a variant on your Woo Commerce store has more than three options, then the product will not sync into Mawloud.
                          Got more questions? email to get in touch.